Hello and welcome to Happy Hookers Detroit! My name is Christina Larson and I love yarn! I love the colors, the texture and most of all how comfortable and soft it is to wear. I started crocheting when I was 8 years old and I was hooked! I started Happy Hookers Detroit when I was in college as a way to get my friends together to share techniques and create great stuff. The most popular pattern we created are the Armies. Armies are fingerless gloves that warm your wrists and allow you to use your fingers, even today Armies are our most popular item!

In 2013 we decided to help raise awareness to the homeless population in Detroit by creating scarves. Each of the 8 members of Happy Hookers Detroit crocheted one foot by one foot granny squares that we assembled together to make over 30 scarves to donate to a local shelter. In order to encourage others to do the same, we connected the scarves together to create a 150 foot scarf and wrapped it around the Passo di Danza statue located at 1 Woodward Ave. Local news coverage by WDIV , WJR Opportunity Detroit and the Detroit Free Press got the word out and the community stepped up to the challenge! Our donation box overflowed with handmade and donated items! One group, who only left a thank you note with no name, hand crocheted over 100 hats! You can read all about it here on Detroit City Central Community Mental Health website. This year we sewed over 30 pairs of polar fleece gloves that we donated to Operation Get Down along with collected warm clothing, and we will continue to give back to the community and help create a warmer Detroit!

Soon after the media coverage everyone wanted to support Happy Hookers Detroit and the orders started pouring in! Crochet is a time consuming art, and after much consideration I decided I needed a faster way to make my yarn creations. I invested in a knitting loom that would allow me to create beautiful custom knitwear in a fraction of the time, and NO it is not cheating! The learning curve was steep, but soon I was creating shawls, Armies, ponchos, skirts and dresses! Somehow word of my creations made it to a local artist and seamstress and Happy Hookers Detroit was invited to co-design a fashion show! If 3 years ago you would have told me I was going to be a fashion designer I would have laughed, but the world works in wondrous ways! The Astal-Knots fashion exploration launched Happy Hookers Detroit into a full fledged business! You can watch an amazing video on the show here!

Starting a small business doing what you love is the American dream, and you never know if it will work until you try! Starting this year Happy Hookers Detroit LLC will be my full time focus and career. It has been a long road to lead me here, but all the stars have aligned and I know the time is finally right! I would love to thank you for supporting big dreams and allowing me an opportunity! You can follow us on Facebook at , on twitter @happy_hookers use the hashtag #happyhookersdetroit , and instagram at All items are for sale on the Happy Hookers Detroit Squareup Market! Oh and of course you can always visit us at or email me for custom made items at

All items are made right here in Michigan and all custom clothing is Knit to Fit! Everyday I am learning new techniques and new designs, so visit the website today or email me for a free consultation on a custom order!