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Are you someone who gets chilly, but doesn't want to carry around a bulky sweater or hoodie? Happy Hookers Detroit Scarf Sleeves are the perfect way to turn any tank top to a sweater as soon as the sun goes down. Maybe the chill is on your shoulders or neck, try an HHD Cloaking Hood! It can be worn as a shawl or a hood, and they cover that drafty spot on the back of your neck! Then there is my personal favorite and HHD's top selling Armies. Armies are sleek finger-less gloves knitted in intricate patterns found nowhere else. I am always changing colors and patterns so you can have a different pair for all your favorite outfits! I use durable sock yarn to make my Armies thin and warm plus all HHD items are machine washable. No gentle cycle needed, everything I knit is made to stand up to everyday wear. Happy Hookers Detroit, where funk meets fashion! Check out the new items for sale on HHDClothing.com.

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